Welcome to your next beauty destination!

Founded in 2014 by a female entrepreneur in Dubai with a strong vision that every person is unique and needs his beauty treat to fulfill his ultimate potential, an Art of Beauty Center has become a preferred style destination for both expats and residents in Dubai.

An „ Art of Beauty“ brand as first one in the UAE, that despite of the difference in cultural and linguistic barriers, as well as social norms of a new country, is offering an ultimate approach for a beauty care as an essential part of individual health care. It`s one of the selected salons, that offers a wide range of face, hair, and body treatments for all- ladies, gentlemen, and children.

With a code of ethics, Art of Beauty eventually appeared to be to be a choice for personal care and beauty advice for many people with different background, age, nationality and workplace and interests. Over the first six months, the beauty center has shown its commitment to high professional standards and a delicate approach to individuality for everyone, who came here for an exceptional and delightful experience.

Today, The Art of Beauty Center is a diverse range of professional`secrets and self-determination of every member of the team to perfection to create your phenomenal visual look and number one feeling.

Our values

We believe in the beauty of personality. And we want everyone to get their ultimate beauty treat.

Our mission is to provide compassionate, patient-centered care of the highest quality.

Patients First is our reason for being and the focus of all of our activities. We strive to exceed our patients' expectations for comfort and convenience.

Our team uses the best apparatus techniques, as well as manual methods to achieve your target.

To mention just some of them: ionophoresis and phonophoresis, needleless mesotherapy, vacuum and lymphatic drainage massages, B'TOX and fillers injections, laser hair removal, and many-many others.

And to make your look flawless, we added hairdressing and beauty salon services to complete the range of services.

We strive to always be at the forefront of technological advances in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, as well as Body Shaping and Contouring.

We aim to enhance quality of life by retarding and reversing the signs of aging using safe, up-to-date and evidence-based medical procedures and to return the flawless look to your body.

We do use a variety of best products from Italy, France, USA (Guinot, Jean Marini, and others).

Being an exclusive distributor for an Italian professional phytoceutical brand ROSACTIVE and best professional Hungarian brand “STELLA, we’re able to offer you the best skin care products by the best prices in the region.

Medical Center

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai 01 Dr. Said Kablan
Dr. Said Kablan

cosmetology expert

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai image-1-768x768 Dr. Khaldoun Jabi
Dr. Khaldoun Jabi

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai 02 Dr. Ali Charanek
Dr. Ali Charanek

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai 03-image-thumb-1-800x800 Margarita Kudryavtseva
Margarita Kudryavtseva

Cosmetologist & Laser Therapist

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai 06 Tatsiana Lashkul
Tatsiana Lashkul

Laser Technician & Beauty Therapist

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai marina Marina Baskakova
Marina Baskakova

Certificated Permanent Makeup Artist and Eyelash Maker

Beauty Salon

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai Kseniya-Sheveleva1-image-thumb-1-800x800 Kseniya Sheveleva
Kseniya Sheveleva

Nail Technician

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai laarni-dimas-768x768 Laarni Dimas
Laarni Dimas

Nail Technician & Eyelash Master

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai Menchie-Dal-image-thumb-1-800x800 Menchie Dal
Menchie Dal

Nail Technician

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai Aida-Uzakova-image-thumb-1-800x800 Aida Uzakova
Aida Uzakova

Certified Hairdresser & Make-Up Artist

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai 05-image-thumb-1-500x500 ANASTASSIYA ORESHKINA

Nail Master & Educator

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai 03-image-thumb-1-500x500 Nazira Dumanaeva
Nazira Dumanaeva

Nail Technician

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai 04 Amina Nait Elhaj
Amina Nait Elhaj

Certified Hairdresser

Our Team

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai enas Enas Soliman
Enas Soliman

Facility Manager

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai aigerim-zhansultan-768x768 Aigerim Zhansultanova
Aigerim Zhansultanova

General Accountant

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai charm-romero-768x768 Чарм Ромео
Чарм Ромео

Администратор c более чем 5-летним опытом работы в сфере отбора кадров.

Our Clinic