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NEW Fitness Massage

Fitness massage - this technique allows in a short time to improve the proportions of the figure without exhausting exercises

Fitness massage is a timely effective method of correction of the figure. Combining the classic techniques of fitness and massage, it helps reduce fat deposits in problem areas, manifestations of cellulite and improve muscle tone.


Micronized Agle Body Wrapping Treat

A 90-minute treatment with luminaria, horsetail and spirulina, a natural amino acid that firm a tissue with vitamins a & e and tones the skin.

LPG treatment

A first Face LPG session is complimentary.

A 30-minutes natural, non-invasive, non-surgical lifting and firming treatment procedure using LPG innovative machine, which smoothers wrinkles and fine lines, improves under eye bags and circles, firm the skin, reduce a double chin without any pain cause.

A body LPG requires for purchasing a suit worth AED100, which will be used during all sessions.

A 60-minute LPG massage is procedure is vacuum-roller lipomassage that helps for weight loss, getting rid of fat and cellulite.

Body Countouring

Art Of Beauty Slimming Treat

A tailored package including 90-minutes session each - body scrub, apparatus or manual slimming technique & body wrap.

A tailored package including 90-minutes session each - body scrub, apparatus or manual slimming technique & body wrap.

All injection cosmetic treatments are done with a leading certified Art of Beauty Center cosmetologists. Consult on your individual requirements before every visit.


Body treatments Dubai take care of the skin and have wholesome effect on all body in total. Relaxing treatments do not just make you feel well but even more, they offer beauty and health benefits. Art of Beauty Salon offers body procedures intended to make your skin perfect, to tone up and detoxify your whole body, to calm down your negative emotions and feel relaxed.

We are sure that every woman wants to look perfect and be in good shape. Anti-cellulite massage in Dubai is purposed to diminish effectively and gently the signs of 'orange peel'.

Anti-cellulite massage is a procedure that makes oxygen and blood circulate to the cellulite area of body and removes it for a long lasting period. The treatment considers a deep massage to weaken the fatty tissue under the skin and smooth the surface of skin. Cellulite consists of fat, lymph fluid and toxins. The massage works to destroy fatty lumps that are reason of the skin dimpling. When the lumps are broken down, the drainage system of our body wipes them out reducing dimples, leaving you free from cellulite. Due to such kind of massage you will see the immediate results. The effect of one procedure will last a day or two. For longer results, it is recommended a course of 10 sessions, ideally 3 sessions per week with a day in between each session. After the course, one session of supporting treatment is recommended per month.

LPG (endermologie) is a popular device in cosmetology. Non-invasive way is especially effective to shape and contour your body. LPG in Dubai will help you to obtain desired results without surgery and invasive treatments. It offers a rolled device which painlessly traps skin and breaks down fatty deposits, in such a way smoothing out fat that causes dimpled skin. After the procedure you will have stabilized blood circulation, decreased subcutaneous fat, lifted and improved skin and disappeared 'orange peel'. The procedure is recommended for 2 - 3 times a week. You can achieve visible results after 5-6 treatments and then to attend 1-2 supporting procedures a month.

If you have questions on body treatments in Dubai do not hesitate to contact our qualified and licensed specialists.

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