Dr. Said Kablan

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The specialization of Art of Beauty Clinic is health, youth and beauty, application of the newest methods of injection and non-invasive cosmetology for solving serious problems. We apply only harmless and effective methods that allow reaching excellent results in the shortest possible time and with an easy recovery.

Professionals who make their patients more attractive, beautiful and happier define the success of the cosmetology clinic. Care of beauty is the mission of our experienced and attentive doctors. The doctors of the Clinic have a huge experience, professionalism and dedication.

Dr. Said Kablan is an expert in Skin Diseases and Cosmetic Dermatology, has Master’s Degree in Dermatology, Bachelor’s Degree/Higher Diploma, Medicine Doctor. He has been practicing in cosmetology field for almost 25 years. Dr.Kablan is the member of several medical organizations such as the Committee of the Guidelines of Psoriasis Treatment in the Middle East, Membership of International Convention of Dermatology, lectures in dermatology conferences and attends trainings in Europe and other countries to expand his experience and to perfect skills.

The areas of his expertise are as follows:

  • Treatment for skin disease (Hair & Nails)
  • Treatment of skin diseases for children
  • Removal of skin tumors, warts and skin tags
  • Treatment for all skin diseases

Doctor is an expert in the following cosmetology procedures:
B’tox injections for “expression wrinkles” like frown lines, crow’s feet, “smokers’ lines”; lines on the neck and so on, treatment for hyperhydrosis.
Application of fillers, face lifting, mesotherapy, nefertiti technique, laser procedures, electrosurgery for removing of warts, skin tags and milium cyst
Cryotherapy for various skin lesions.

Treatment for all skin diseases like acne, eczema, hair loss and psoriasis.

Art of Beauty Clinic is the best solution of problems that could be the reason of your diffidence and obstacle for enjoying your life. While visiting the doctor he will determine if the injection procedures are needed or cosmetology treatments will be enough.

The aesthetic cosmetology applies all modern science progress to present our world with the natural beauty. Do not be afraid of cosmetology treatments and aesthetic medicine, just use all possible advantages and be beautiful!