Eyelashes Extensions & More


Tinting & Perming

This is a procedure that uses keratin nourishes and prolongs eyelashes.

The result is a long, natural and expressive eyelashes.


Make Up

Classy daytime makeup for official meetings, or day time occasions

Intensive makeup for special occasions, or just a night out.

Special Makeup for a very special day.


All treatments are done with Art of Beauty Center certified specialists. Consult on your individual requirements before every visit.


A professional makeup in Dubai is the best way to try the newest trends in makeup and discover the ways how to accentuate your face features. Makeup is intended to highlight your natural features, to conceal blemishes and to fresh appearance. Makeup artist of Art of Beauty Salon can create unique looks for every day look and for special occasions like night out or wedding. You will leave us special and amazing.

Waxing in Dubai is an effectual procedure for those who are tired of everyday shaving. Hair removal is possible in any part of our body: armpits, legs, bikini area, eyebrows, and stomach line.

This quick and convenient technique has a lot of advantages. The main advantage is that hair grows slowly. You will forget about hair for 3-6 weeks. Of course, it depends on hair type and frequency of waxing. Your skin will become silky and smoother, without any cuts and irritation. Our Art of Beauty Salon certified specialists will make waxing almost painless.

Eyelash extension in Dubai becomes more popular, and your dream to have long, thick and curly eyelashes can come true in Art of Beauty Salon. Application of any mascara will not give you the desired effect.

Eyelash extension means application of synthetic lash to natural eyelash with use of adhesive. It is not like eyelash strips sold at makeup stores. Extensions look like bundles of 8 or 9 lashes, and then each bundle is being fixed directly to natural lash. This procedure can take about an hour and half when done by a specialist. The extensions will last from 2 to 4 weeks and drop off with your natural. Depending on your goal you can choose different length of lash extensions and different bundles. So you will get medium volume lashes, 2D or 3D effect. Thanking to specialists of Art of Beauty Salon you will have pretty lashes every day.

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