Food Intolerance Test

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Dear Valued Customers, We are very glad to introduce to you a new service in our center, the Food Intolerance Test ! It is a 3D check-up that is guaranteed double testing. You will get the result in a book portfolio in just 5days.

So what is food intolerance?

Many of us don’t know anything about food intolerance which has health hazard even more than allergy. Intolerance of food products is a negative reaction of organism for food intake that is not connected with allergy and its reason is the incapacity to assimilate some food or its components. Some people are not able to digest right cow’s milk and dairy produce, cereals (wheat, rye, and barley); often there is food intolerance to peas, mushrooms, strawberries, etc. These people even do not suspect that they are intolerant of some food because the body’s reaction to the “harmful” product appears only in two or more days after its use. Gluten enteropathy is the most widespread food intolerance. During his life a typical individual eats about 100 tons of food products every of each can cause allergic reaction. Everybody knows the symptoms of allergic reaction: skin redness, skin eruption, allergic rhinitis, asthma. In most cases antiallergic drugs help to hide the symptoms but do not solve the problem. Diseases of the digestive system, deficiency of enzymes, food products allergy, stress, unnatural components of food may be the reason of food intolerance. Immune system activates protective mechanisms and produces antibodies that leads to chronic inflammation of internal organs and their deterioration.

Problems with bowels and skin, fatness, sick headache, high blood-pressure, diabetes mellitus and much more can be directly related to the intolerance of products.

Nowadays it is quite easy to do food intolerance test which is based on the study of blood properties after its contact with extract of food product.

This test includes the following:

  • Food Groups- food is listed according to their corresponding food group
  • Reactivity Order- food is lined according to the strength of antibody reaction

The patient’s guidebook encloses the information about food intolerance and food terminology, how to understand the test results, planning your diet, control of the symptoms, how to exclude food causing intolerance, etc.

Changes in diet and lifestyle will allow fighting against the illness successfully even without drugs.