Laser Hair Removal

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Non-ablative laser resurfacing to smooth skin texture, treat acne, diminish pore size, and reduce redness and acne scarring. Over time it can stimulate the development of new collagen in the skin. For best results, multiple treatments are recommended, spaced two to four weeks apart.

It is a quick, painless procedure with no downtime.

* Price per session apply for bookings of minimum 5 sessions at once and you receive one complimentary session.

All treatments are done with Art of Beauty Center certified specialists. Consult on your individual requirements before every visit.


Laser hair removal Dubai is an efficient and quick process in removing of unwanted hair for long. It can be done mostly on all parts of body and face: arms, legs, underarms, bikini area. As a result you have a hair free smooth skin. This procedure is an alternative to waxing and shave, it prevents ingrown hairs. What way does laser work? Laser light turns into heat passing through skin. Melanin (hair pigment in follicle) absorbs the heat. The heat damages follicle preventing hair growth. Laser settings are adjusted to hair and skin type. Laser hair removal sessions should be attended regularly and a personal treatment plan must be followed until you achieve wanted results. You will see that hair becomes lighter and finer after every session. One session can last from 20 min to one hour. Duration depends on a treated area. Bikini line and underarms do not take much time, but legs can be a little longer procedure. Be aware that you cannot make laser removal treatment for a whole body during one session. Only a definite quantity of laser heat is safely absorbed by our body.

Brazilian bikini Dubai is a popular procedure in laser removal of pubic hair. This treatment is for those clients who desire to have an absolutely bare area in the front. There is a difference between hair removal in bikini line and Brazilian bikini. Basic bikini hair removal includes hair which is out of the panty line. The Brazilian bikini means hair removal outside and inside of the bathing suit, including intimate areas.

During the sessions of laser hair removal it is necessarily to follow all recommendations of Art of Beauty laser therapist. You should escape the sun exposure and apply sunblock. Moreover, shaving and wax of a treated area should be avoided.

Laser therapy Dubai has become an essential part of cosmetology. This is a smooth process which rarely has side actions. Before the laser procedure you should consult with your therapist for required number of sessions and their lasting.v

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