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* Laser face skin rejuvenation for men is removing skin blemishes and stimulates increased production of collagen which works to improv e overall appearance of the skin.

* Laser Hair Removal has a variety of 5 plus 1 treats for every part of your body (face , arms, legs, etc).

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All treatments are done with Art of Beauty Center certified specialists. Consult on your individual requirements before every visit.


Not all kids like to have their haircut; we are conscious of these efforts and do everything to make this experience successful for them. Our aim is to provide high quality kids’ haircuts Dubai in a cozy and comfortable environment. The stylists of Art of Beauty Center are qualified in children’s haircuts and have a delicate approach that allows giving a kid haircut easily, so the parents can relax. We will choose such a childish haircut which will match your child and accentuate his lovely face features. Art of Beauty Center stylists know everything about kids’ hair and perfectly manage both girls’ and boys’ haircuts.

If you are looking for a place to treat your skin, body and hair Art of Beauty Center offers you a great variety of services to fit all styling needs of men.

Whether you want a snazzy and stylish or classic men’s haircut Dubai our stylists will propose you a list of different men’s cuts which will meet all your demands and reflect your personality. There is a great number of haircut styles to choose from that will never be out of style.

Men are also affected by aging; their skin is sensitive and prone to certain skin changes like wrinkles, scarring, sun influence and other changes of skin texture.

Laser face skin rejuvenation Dubai helps men of different age to make the appearance of skin better and fix their skin blemishes. Treatments offered by Art of Beauty Center have an anti-aging approach and make men’s skin look healthy and youthful. The laser face skin rejuvenation procedures involve removal of age spots, skin pigmentation, treating of red capillaries and acne at any stage. Laser rejuvenation works to make skin more tighten, smooth and firm and to take years of men’s appearance off.

Laser hair removal Dubai becomes a popular procedure for men and can be done mostly on any part of body. Usually this is a full back, shoulders, and chest. Laser hair removal can produce long-time results if done regularly. An effective hair removal can be achieved with a course of 6 - 8 treatments.