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Art of Beauty Center in Dubai cosmetology-dubai Modern Cosmetology Dubai Blog News   Any changes, especially wrinkles, are primarily visible on the face. Every year more and more rejuvenation methods and procedures appear in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. But the condition of the skin is influenced not only by the regularity of cosmetic procedures and proper care, but also by the way of life, the functioning of internal organs, etc. If you regularly visit a beautician, but at the same time smoke, eat junk food, drink alcohol, do not get enough sleep and often get sick, then all this negatively affects your skin. And vice versa – the healthier the lifestyle, the better the skin condition. Cosmetologists emphasize: aesthetic procedures in combination with modern detox programs will help to achieve maximum effect in the fight against wrinkles and age-related skin changes. Dubai Cosmetics is a group of procedures based on the injection of a drug with a needle. The most common methods are mesotherapy, contour correction, biorevitalization. Injection cosmetology causes a number of problems in many women. Many people are afraid of painful feelings accompanying the procedure, but in fact Dubai cosmetology is the most effective way to achieve visible results. And it’s not as scary as many think. Dubai Cosmetic Injection Cosmetology Results: Elimination of the Signs of Aging Skin, Lip Enlargement, Wrinkle Removal, Toned, Moisturized Skin. Despite the prejudices, this is the most effective method. Beauty requires donations! Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are becoming more well-known than surgical procedures due to the variety of non-invasive methods.

Cosmetology Dubai

Modern cosmetology Dubai offers excellent procedures that include injections for contouring and lifting, muscle relaxation, and fillers. Dubai mesotherapy is popular due to its effect on both the body and the face. Its use on the face helps to prevent and treat the signs of aging. Mesotherapy provides the skin with special nutritional cocktails such as hyaluronic acid, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes and vitamins to treat the appearance. Dubai boxing injections are effective for “wrinkles with expression”, such as wrinkled lines or crow’s feet, which appear when expressing certain emotions. Biotherapy Dubai is a progressive injection technique that cares for beauty and health of the skin. This time is enough for a natural skin renewal.