Nail design for every Zodiac Sign 2019!

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai zodiac-signs Nail design for every Zodiac Sign 2019! News   Nail design Dubai is able to express the mood of any lady, as well as to make her any fantasy into reality!

Astrologers are confident that your manicure and design of your nails can significantly affect the fate, bring good luck, bring harmony to your life! But the same nail design Dubai can affect life of different signs of the zodiac in different ways.

Let’s look what kind of manicure and nail design Dubai you should choose for your zodiac sign.


Aries have a strong character and leadership qualities. They are active and energetic. They love everything new and bright. The brightest red and orange colors would be the best solution!


Taurus is reliable, persistent and romantic, with good aesthetic taste.
Green color range – from light green to the most saturated – will make the image of Taurus irresistible!


Eccentricity is one of the main qualities of this zodiac sign. Their manicure credo is universality, variety, experiments.
The most daring and unusual designs will look great on their nails.


Cancers are creative and vulnerable people. Natural colors, such as: pearl white, pale pink and others will help them to save the balance. And supplement the design with rhinestones and sparkles is a great solution.


Leo is a royal sign. This zodiac sign is not afraid to experiment and introduce original ideas. Bright, rich colors, such as: burgundy, cherry fit Leo. And in combination with a golden glitter, their manicure will always look perfect.


As a rule they are practical and reasonable. Such deep colors as dark blue, rich green, brown are perfectly combined with their character. But many Virgos prefer naturalness. French on the nails of small length will be perfect for every day.


They always strive for perfection of form and content. Although they are often very indecisive in some matters, harmony is important for them. In bright, pastel colors, they will be able to feel confident and calm. Libras are recommended to pay attention to the pink color.


Scorpio is a mystery of the zodiac. Their element is water, so a palette of blue, violet in manicure is perfect for them. They can combine purple or scarlet hues, as well as indigo or deep green.


They are bright representatives of the classical style. They always strive to look elegant and stylish. Red, burgundy and other shades of this range perfectly complement the image of Sagittarius.


Capricorns are ambitious and strive to make a career, constantly achieving goals. In manicure, they prefer naturalness and restraint. Beige, nude, calm colors are a great option for their image.


They are energetic and eager for knowledge. They often have the gift of foresight. Avant-garde and futuristic nail designs Dubai are perfect solutions for them.


Pisces are sensitive, romantic and reliable. Sensitive Pisces will feel great with shades of blue, as well as dreamy and romantic nail designs Dubai on their nails.