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All treatments are done with Art of Beauty Center certified specialists. Consult on your individual requirements before every visit.


When we speak about care and beauty, the hands are always on the second place after the face. It is well-known that neat hands are visit card of every woman. Properly cared hands and nails Dubai improve your overall appearance, and weird-looking cuticle and rough skin will make a negative impression for sure.

A fresh and beautiful manicure makes you look elegant and charming. A manicure Dubai improves the health and texture of your fingernails and makes skin of your hands soft and well-nourished, besides this procedure leaves you feeling relaxed. There are different types of manicure which can include shaping of the nails, using different creams and oils, and massage techniques for stimulating lymph and blood flow. The most popular types are Classic, French and Gel manicure. Nail art will make design of your nails unique and stylish. The nail can be decorated with the nail polish, some ornaments, stones, and even 3D designing.

If you are tired of your classic manicure you can try nail extensions. Thanking to nail extensions Dubai your short nails can become longer and nicer. Gel nail extensions lengthen and strengthen your nails, make your fingers look slender. The important advantage of gel nails is that they look glossy and naturally, they are flexible and thin. The polish remains shining, without cracking and peeling on the nail up to 3 weeks.

Pedicure Dubai is a wonderful idea for those who look for a quick fix and a lot of relaxation. It is the perfect solution to kick up your high-heeled shoes and let yourself to be pampered. Our cosy chair will hug you so you could lie back feeling comfortable and relaxed. Your callused feet will be softened, polished and massaged to perfection. Pedicure services include cuticle removing, scrubbing callouses, massage and nail polish with a chosen paint. Healthy feet and nails are the main principles of spa culture.

Art of Beauty Center provides you maximum safety and hygiene. Our nail technicians strictly follow all the requirements by using fresh and sanitized manicure and pedicure implements for each client.

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