Non-Invasive Cosmetology Dubai

Art of Beauty Center in Dubai Non-invasive-cosmetology Non-Invasive Cosmetology Dubai News   Non-invasive cosmetology Dubai is an absolute trend among cosmetic treatments. Beauty salons specialize in carrying out a variety of face and body skin care procedures using innovative methods in the field of cosmetology Dubai. Treatments are carried out only by qualified specialists.

Depending on the problem, an individual cosmetic treatment is chosen, aimed at improving and rejuvenating the face and body skin.

Peeling is one of the most popular skin renewal procedures. There are several types of peeling: mechanical, chemical, ultrasonic, etc., all of them are aimed at preventing skin aging, cell regeneration, improving blood circulation, increasing elasticity.

Facial cleansing is also a procedure aimed at skin regeneration. During the procedure, there’s done the cleansing of problem skin from dead cells, condones, and acne. The top layer of dead cells prevents the skin from nourishing with nutrients, so it looks devitalized.

Facial cleansing improves metabolic processes and blood circulation, thus saturating and enriching the skin with oxygen, improving the function of the sebaceous glands of the skin of the face.

Massage Dubai cosmetology is not only a pleasant procedure, but also very useful. It improves blood circulation and metabolic processes, relieves muscle blocks, and relaxes. The massage is performed with the help of additional cosmetics, nourishing and cleansing the skin from the accumulated toxins. Facial massage prevents the appearance of wrinkles and skin wilting.
Non-invasive eCO2 therapy (carboxytherapy) – the procedure is performed using a trans-dermal CO2 concentration. This procedure improves blood circulation, enhances the protective properties of the skin, and slows down inflammatory processes.